Purchase Trucks From Government Liquidation Sites

One valuable source that many people overlook includes the sites where government liquidation items can be purchased. These sites offer goods which are in new or used condition and which are being sold by the government at markedly reduced prices.

The Benefits of Government Liquidation Sales

  • You might be able to find military grade trucks, accessories, and parts which are difficult to find in other locations. Sometimes that liquidation site will be the only place where you'll be able to find what you are looking for.
  • Government liquidations are often a good source of deals and lower prices. The marked down prices are sometimes less than 10% of the original cost.
  • The diversity of items for sale at the liquidation sale is enormous. You may go in looking for a truck and end up with a new wardrobe.
  • Large and small businesses can supplement their inventory with supplies from government liquidation sales.
  • While sales are often held online, you may still be able to inspect the products before the auction begins.

How to Find a Legitimate Liquidation Site

It is easy to run a search for government liquidation sales, but it is just as easy to be misled by surplus sellers who are posing as legitimate wholesale sites. If you don't want to wind up buying trucks which have already been bought and sold by a middle man, than you need to take a step or two to make sure that you are taking your business to the original source. You can do this by checking out the reputations of the sites which you are interested in. Talk to people who have made purchases through the retailer in the past. Look for a surplus retailer with actual ties to government agencies. A couple of legitimate examples are GSAAuctions.gov and GovLiquidation.com.

GSA Auctions is run by a federal agency. You'll find agricultural equipment, fire trucks and supplies, construction vehicles, industrial trucks, trailers, tractors, and other types of trucks available at this site. To participate in these auctions, you will be expected to provide a bid deposit for most items. You should also be prepared to travel to the site to pick up your items if your bid is successful.

Government Liquidation is a site which has the exclusive rights to sell property from the Department of Defense. You'll find a variety of construction and heavy equipment, many different trucks, tractors, and trailers, and supplies for those trucks. If you are looking for parts, tires, or engines, then you've come to the right spot.

When you type Government Liquidators into your search bar be prepared to weed out a few sites that aren't really offering you the full discounts that you're looking for.

Preparing to Bid

Hopefully, you will have entered the site a few days before the bidding actually starts. If so, you will have an important opportunity to check out the quality of the products and the competitiveness of the pricing.

You can find out how much interest exists on the Internet and within your own targeted market if you are a retailer. If you are making the purchase for yourself, you can simply compare how much the truck is being sold for in other locations.

You will also want to pay careful attention to the information listed on the site. Watch out for the condition of the truck and, hopefully, photos of any damage which has been done to the truck. You may be able to get the original price of acquisition and technical information.

At this point, it will also be valuable to investigate your shipping options. If you are purchasing a truck in Oklahoma and you live across the country, it will still be your responsibility to pick up the truck and get it to your home. If you win the bid and fail to pick up your vehicle, you will probably lose your bid deposit.

If you have a contact in the area of the auction, then it will be worth your time (and hopefully theirs) to send your contact over to inspect the truck before you make a bid. If you don't know anyone, you may be able to get a referral to a company that will do the inspection for you.

After Your Purchase

One inspiring story about the use of a truck bought at a government liquidation site can be seen here at Government Liquidation Heroes. Whatever you plan to do with your newly acquired trucks, there is a good chance that you will be very satisfied with your purchase.

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